A Story to Share

A memorable presentation doesn't end when the lights come up. Instead, it is only the beginning of a conversation.

Whether speaking to audiences from the stage, in workshop settings, or on radio shows or podcasts, I want audiences to think deeply and ask questions. To ponder, remember, share, and take action. To take the experience with them long after my words have faded away.

An award-winning public speaker, I love to share my areas of professional expertise and personal passion with other people. I've led conference sessions, participated in panel discussions, held workshops in professional and academic settings, and offered expertise on radio shows and podcasts.

Themes and Topics

  • Sustainable travel (trade or consumer focus)
  • Responsible storytelling for destinations / DMOs
  • Responsible travel writing
  • Celebrating women / local communities through storytelling
  • Tourism as a tool to elevate and amplify women
  • Amplifying community-based solutions in a global-focused world
  • Trail tourism
  • Asking "why not?" (a entrepreneurial session)
  • Applying Peace Corps experience to the "real world"
  • Pitching media / selling your story to writers

Highlights from prior speaking engagements include:

Your Turn

Are you a podcast producer, event organizer, or workshop facilitator? I'd love to speak to your audience! Let's talk about how to make that a reality.