What Clients Say

JoAnna is one of the most thoughtful and committed colleagues I have worked with at Adventure Travel Trade Association. I started working very closely with her about a year ago when we began collaborating on communication projects and a new thought leadership initiative. This ended up being one of the most exciting professional experiences because our joint work required creativity, bold thinking, in-depth industry knowledge, and an analytical mind. JoAnna was outstanding on all of these levels, which made working with her extremely interesting.”

Milena S. Nikolova, expert, behavioral economics for the travel industry

“She has literally revamped the quality of our online content to the point where our readership has grown substantially. Plus, we have many more readers visiting often, signing up for our newsletters, etc. Her writing and editing is top notch. She has a gift with words and their construction.”

Thomas Hollowell, owner, Journey Beyond Travel

“JoAnna is one of the most talented, organized, and conscientious people I’ve ever worked with. She goes above and beyond every single day. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and trust her completely. She does what everyone wants co-workers to do: makes my life easier and my workday more pleasant. So happy to have her in my corner!”

Dawn McMullan, senior editor, International News Media Association

“JoAnna has a level of passion, talent, and insight that anyone within the sustainable tourism sector would be lucky to have on their team. She displays all of the traits and characteristics of a true believer (let her work and depth of experience show it!) and her critical and strategic mindset filters through information to deliver the most valuable content relevant to the advancement and proper management of tourism.”

Amy Brown, former digital creative and communications manager, Adventure Travel Trade Association

“JoAnna has been a real asset to the communications staff of the National Peace Corps Association. I rely on her work and know that what she produces will always be well written, capture the essence of the story, and be completed on time.”

Erica Burman, former director of communications, National Peace Corps Association