Creating a world where sustainable tourism is the norm is everyone's responsibility.

Community-based organizations need a platform for their social impact work, and a place to learn from others working on sustainable travel initiatives.

Destinations need to put local people and resources first. And service providers need to act as environmental and cultural ambassadors.

Content creators need to choose their words and imagery wisely. With the power of persuasion comes incredible responsibility.

Finally, travelers need to check their egos and recognize the privilege that comes from visiting someone else's home.

This list of resources is ongoing and influx. It is carefully curated to make sure you have the very best, most comprehensive information at your fingertips, regardless of your role.

Resources on community-focused travel initiatives:

invisible cities

Case Study: Invisible Cities


Case Study: G-Guides

  • Tourism for SDGs - A platform developed by the UNWTO packed with resources and recommendations for integrating the sustainable development goals into tourism initiatives.

Resources for travel service providers and destination representatives: 

Resources for writers:

Resources for travelers: