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Get Rooted

In Colombia’s Miravalle Territorial Area for Training and Reincorporation, ex-FARC guerillas laid down rifles for rafting paddles and established a tourism business to sustain their village.

In the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park in Nepal, local residents who used to kill wildlife that strayed onto farmland now keep poachers at bay.

And in Assam, India, children trade clean plastic waste for school fees, then learn environmental science lessons while participating in the school’s recycling center.

Around the world, people have found creative ways of responding to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

It’s time we hear their stories.

Money and power can’t — and won’t — solve the complex issues faced by millions of people every single day. Innovative ideas grow out of necessity by the people rooted within their communities. They should be documented, supported, celebrated, and shared.

Join me on a journey of empowerment and amplification with Rooted, where local people plant the seeds and storytelling helps them grow.


Get Rooted

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