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Life List

Captain on junk in Halong Bay VietnamAdmittedly, my Life List isn’t exactly related to my freelance career, but so many people have shown interest in it, which is why I’ve chosen to share it with the world.

This quirky list is inspired by things I Fr. It is a fluid, flexible list – a work in progress, spurred on by change and moments of inspiration.

Want to help me tackle some of these projects and goals? I’m more than game to discuss a potential partnership.

        • Ride in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti.
        • Throw beads in a Mardi Gras parade. (Completed February 2012)
        • Bike around Ireland.
        • Travel to as many countries as I am years old.
        • Publish a book.
        • Learn to speak another language fluently.
        • Be part of a flash mob.
        • Complete a triathlon.
        • Write one handwritten note a week for a year. (Completed December 2012)
        • Be on The Amazing Race.
        • Visit Iceland. (Completed June 2012)
        • Hike the John Muir Trail. (Completed August 2015)
        • Visit all 50 states.
        • Touch all seven continents.
        • Redecorate my office so that it is a more inspiring place. (Completed December 2011)
        • Give a Kiva loan.
        • Read one fiction and one non-fiction book every month for a year.
        • Go spelunking in a cave.
        • Participate in RAGBRAI.
        • Participate in the Urban Adventure Games in South Bend, Indiana. (Completed July 2012)
        • Attend an event at the Olympics.
        • Ride a horse at a dude ranch.
        • Spend the night in a yurt. (Completed August 2013)
        • Take the train across Mongolia.
        • Spend the night on a houseboat.
        • Take a road trip on Route 66.
        • See the Northern Lights (and actually remember it).
        • Hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.
        • Get crazy colored highlights in my hair.
        • Get an acupuncture treatment.
        • Take a totally spontaneous, last-minute trip.
        • Stomp wine grapes.
        • Feel comfortable swimming.
        • Stop apologizing.
        • Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
        • Take a vacation where I do absolutely nothing. (Completed December 2011)
        • Attend a production of Wicked. (Completed September 2012)
        • Go through my clothes and actually get rid of all the worn-out stuff. (Completed May 2016)
        • Shop in the market in Morocco.
        • Be in a food fight.
        • Check out the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. (Completed November 2013)
        • Plan a scavenger hunt for my friends.
        • Own colorful luggage. (Received Christmas 2011)
        • Spend the night in an ice hotel.
        • Participate in a sea turtle rescue effort.
        • Go to a roller derby competition. (Completed November 2011)
        • Fly first class. (Completed September 2014, from Las Vegas to Switzerland)
        • Travel around Europe via apartment swaps.
        • Eat Italian food in Italy.
        • Attend the Book Passage writing conference. (Completed August 2012)
        • Buy someone’s first passport.
        • Participate in the Scale the Strat fundraiser.
        • Check out Saturn through a telescope.
        • Visit Japan when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.
        • Visit Ayer’s Rock in Australia.
        • Pay off the mortgage on our house. (Completed June 2016 when we sold everything we owned and moved to Kyiv, Ukraine)
        • Go to a sandcastle building competition.
        • Be an extra in a movie. (Completed January 2016)
        • Understand the Tour de France.
        • Journey along the Silk Road.
        • Visit the Christmas markets in Europe.
        • Take an arts or crafts class. (Completed February 2015)
        • Bake something from scratch.
        • Help brew a batch of beer. (Completed February 2014)
        • Make and gift an art journal to someone I love.
        • Help mend a hiking trail.
        • Walk the hallways of Alcatraz.
        • Cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.
        • Throw a surprise party.
        • Go dog sledding.
        • Take a boat ride through the Panama Canal.
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