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Writing, Traveling and Updates from May 2014

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In the month of May, I did something I’ve never done before. I took two weeks completely off from work. During one of these weeks, I traveled to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where I spent seven days rafting 187 miles on the Colorado River with Arizona River Runners. It was an absolutely incredible experience that I’ll never forget. For reasons that I won’t detail here, I took the week following that trip off from work as well. Because of that, I didn’t publish as much work as I normally would in a month, but what I did publish online and in print can be found in the following places:

In print for Travel Weekly:

For my Las Vegas Travel Weekly e-letter:

For Viator’s Las Vegas blog:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from April 2014

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April is always a whirlwind of a month, with lots of traveling because of Spring Break. This year, my family traveled to Southern California to enjoy classic attractions like Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Universal Studios. We also made it down to San Diego, where we spent time at the beach. In April, I also took a jaunt to the outskirts of Zion National Park in Southern Utah, where I participated in a relay trail race with seven other teammates.

I spent the vast majority of April fact checking a guidebook, which took up a lot of time. However, in print and online, my work appeared in the following places:

For Thrillist:

In print for Travel Weekly:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from February 2014

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I spent the better part of February firmly planted in my office chair with occasional excursions into the great unknowns of Las Vegas. It was a welcome change to be home for awhile, though I imagine the flurry of springtime travel will be on me again before I know it.

Here is where my work was published in February:

For AFAR Media:

In print and also online for Nevada Magazine:

Online for Viator:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from January 2014

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I spent about half of January working from my home office and half working from the road. Over the course of the month, I spent a week cruising the Caribbean with Holland America. I immediately flipped 180 degrees after this trip and went skiing in New Mexico for the better part of a week. To cap that trip off, I spent a weekend in Mesquite, Nevada, with my family at the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was a fun month filled with lots of interesting and diverse experiences. When I travel like this, the month passes by fast!

You can find my published work from January in the following places:

Online with AFAR Media:


100 Challenge: 2013 Complete!

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Once again, another year flew by before I even had a chance to settle in. It was a fun year with lots of opportunities to try new things both at home and abroad. While tucking new experiences under my wing, I also managed to knock a couple things off my Life List in 2013: Spending the night in a yurt and checking out the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. Stay tuned for another awesome year of new experiences as I kick off a new 100 Challenge.

2013 was the fourth year I participated in the 100 Challenge. Check out what I did in 2012 and 2011. (I didn’t record 2010′s list online.)

  1. sports carAttended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
  2. Wrote about automotive technology.
  3. Submitted a speaker proposal for a conference.
  4. Watched a handball tournament.
  5. Ate latkes.
  6. Made dumplings.
  7. Saw Anything Goes.
  8. Got stitches while I was completely awake.
  9. Made a heart-shaped pizza.
  10. Saw Linkin Park in concert. Read More…


Writing, Traveling and Updates from December 2013

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December is always a rush of activity, so I certainly kept busy throughout the crazily packed 31 days that made up the month. For the holidays, my family traveled to the bone-chilling Midwest, where we visited extended family and friends in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. This trip was less about exploring the sites and more about enjoying the people we were with, though our foreign exchange students did tuck a few new experiences under their belts.

Throughout the month of December, I had articles published in the following places:

Online at AAA Highroads:

In print and now online at Travel Weekly:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from November 2013

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I spent the first ten days of November in Ecuador, visiting the Galapagos Islands with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic aboard the Endeavour. This trip was beyond incredible, and I’m still processing photos and stories so that I can share what I experienced with family, friends and readers. In summary, though, if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands, you should do so. It’s a destination unlike any other in the world.

My work from November can be found in the following places:

In print and online for Nevada Magazine:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from October 2013

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October is one of my favorite months in Las Vegas, and I didn’t stray far from home this month because there were so many festivals and events to occupy my time in my own backyard. One of the best new additions to the city is the Life Is Beautiful festival, a two-day, all-encompassing arts event that is changing the way the world defines Las Vegas. The few short excursions I took included a quick day trip to southern Utah, which happened during the government shutdown, so we stuck to Snow Canyon State Park instead of venturing into one of the many national parks in this part of the country. I also drove to Palm Springs, California, for a three-day conference. I’d never been to Palm Springs before but I loved it! The color, the laid back vibe, the old-school signage around town. I’d like to return someday for a legitimate vacation.

My work from the month of October can be found in the following places:

In print and online for Travel Weekly:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from September 2013

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September came and went before I even had a chance to realize what had passed me by. Nonetheless, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of traveling during the 30 short days that marked the month. I spent a long weekend in Quebec City covering the Grands Prix Cycliste and enjoying outdoor activities in the area early in the month. Over the last weekend of September, my husband and I scooted off to Boston to catch up with a close friend and attend a wedding.

During the month of September, my work was published in the following places:

In print for Highroads, the AAA magazine for Arizona, which is also available online:

In print for Travel Weekly, and now available online as well:


Writing, Traveling and Updates from August 2013

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… and then summer came to an end! Seriously, where did the summer months escape to this year? I can’t believe we’re already running headlong into the school year.

But before I get pushed too far into fall, here’s what went down in August …

We’ve been big fans of southern Utah since moving to Las Vegas, and we make a few trips to our favorite places in the state every year. In August, however, we spent five days and four nights checking out what the Cedar City/Brian Head area had to offer with a variety of outdoor adventures, cultural activities and local meals. I’m looking forward to visiting again sometime soon so we can explore the Kolob Canyon area of Zion National Park and maybe even go skiing at Brian Head Resort in the winter.

During the month of August, my work was published in the following places:

In print and online for SilverKris, the in-flight magazine for Singapore Airlines:

In print for Travel Weekly, and now available online as well:

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