100 Challenge: 2011 Complete!

I’ve been known to make a new year’s resolution or two in my time, but I’ve also learned to embrace new opportunities as they offer themselves. Though I’ve been doing this on my own for two full years now, my 100 Challenge has come up in conversation with a few people, and I was excited to discover that some friends and colleagues have started collecting experiences as well. Julie, for example, thought of 50 new things she’s done this year, and Jill has suggested such a challenge as an alternative to new year’s resolutions.

Below are 100 new things I did in 2011. Will you join me for the 100 Challenge in 2012?

  1. Saw a loop artist perform live.
  2. Cried while cutting an onion.
  3. Changed my zodiac sign.
  4. Was elevated to gold status by American Airlines.
  5. Made risotto.
  6. Met cast members from the Phantom of the Opera.
  7. Made a pot of chili.
  8. Ate carpaccio.
  9. Ate a sea bean.
  10. Went on a whale watching tour.
  11. Touched Baja California.
  12. Saw a gray whale in the wild.
  13. Flew Frontier Airlines.
  14. Visited Costa Rica.
  15. Planned and hosted an event in Las Vegas.
  16. Sat through the whole Academy Awards Show.
  17. Saw a spider monkey in the wild.
  18. Saw a howler monkey in the wild.
  19. Hiked in a Costa Rica rain forest.
  20. Saw a Costa Rican waterfall.
  21. Was a passenger on an undeveloped Costa Rican road … and survived.
  22. Saw a sloth in the wild.
  23. Saw a side-striped pit viper in the wild.
  24. Saw an eyelash viper in the wild.
  25. Saw a kudamundi in the wild.
  26. Did a 40-meter free fall on a Tarzan swing.
  27. Did a rappel drop.
  28. Introduced my dad to the hostel life.
  29. Saw a river change color.
  30. Took a canopy tour.
  31. Did social media work for a non-profit organization.
  32. Paid for an aerobics class.
  33. Hiked in a cloud forest.
  34. Was on a cancelled flight.
  35. Flew Air New Zealand.
  36. Visited the Cook Islands.
  37. Drank noni, the natural remedy for arthritis.
  38. Rode on a hardcore AWD vehicle.
  39. Watched a guy shuck a coconut with his teeth.
  40. Got a Cook Islands drivers license.
  41. Drank fresh coconut milk straight from the coconut.
  42. Saw a moonbow.
  43. Redacted.
  44. Got lei-ed in the Cook Islands.
  45. Learned some Maori words.
  46. Flew Air Rarotonga.
  47. Drank in a tumunu.
  48. Explored a burial cave.
  49. Learned about stars in the Southern Hemisphere.
  50. Learned how to climb a coconut tree though did so unsuccessfully.
  51. Spotted a red lorikeet.
  52. Held a giant clam.
  53. Raced a hermit crab.
  54. Flew business class.
  55. Did a headstand on the beach.
  56. Got a tattoo.
  57. Learned how to skip a stone.
  58. Saw a moose in the wild.
  59. Got food poisoning.
  60. Pet a sphinx cat.
  61. Bought a brand new car.
  62. Took a trip longer than one month.
  63. Visited Toronto.
  64. Visited Montreal.
  65. Went to the top of the CN Tower.
  66. Watched the Fourth of July fireworks on the National Mall in Washington DC.
  67. Explored Boston on foot.
  68. Walked a pound puppy.
  69. Took a wellness retreat.
  70. Took a yoga class.
  71. Did yoga outside as the sun was rising.
  72. Grabbed the wrong passport and didn’t realize it until I reached the security checkpoint at the airport.
  73. Visited the Riviera Maya.
  74. Learned about composting.
  75. Was paid $1.00/word for an article.
  76. Kayaked through mangrove trees.
  77. Swam in a ceynote.
  78. Swam in a Mayan cave.
  79. Rode in a hot air balloon.
  80. Learned how to do stand-up paddle boarding.
  81. Attended the International Camel Races in Virginia City, Nevada.
  82. Rode the V&T Railroad.
  83. Began a juicing breakfast diet.
  84. Attended the invite-only, women-only Mighty Summit.
  85. Flew Virgin America.
  86. Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
  87. Attended the Travel Media Show.
  88. Learned about the April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City bombing.
  89. Visited the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.
  90. Attended the Visit Europe Media Exchange.
  91. Flew in and out of a city in a single day just to attend a conference.
  92. Went to a lingerie football game.
  93. Seriously spent time learning how to design a room.
  94. Attended a roller derby bout (and crossed it off my Life List!)
  95. Flew stretch class on Frontier Airlines.
  96. Ghostwrote a book.
  97. Began an advent tradition.
  98. Found an interest in graphic novels.
  99. Redacted.
  100. Saw a baby turtle head out to sea.